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Brain Test - Puzzle

Brain Test Puzzle is a kid's game that has been created with the help of kids and their parents to keep them occupied while they are doing homework. The aim of this game is to answer the question, ‘Does this block of ice have a brain?’. When you see the word brain in connection with this game, it means that you need to find out if there is any brain inside of this block of ice (or not). This amazing game is an online game where you have to find out whether there are any girls who can tell the difference between a brick and a brick wall. The more difficult the questions, the more difficult the answers; but with simple questions like ‘Does this block of ice have a brain?’ you can learn lots about yourself and your friends together. 

This game is a social action game that combines puzzle solving and social interaction. Your task is to find the solution to a set of riddles and discover the hidden clues before your friends do. The more you master the game, the more challenging each riddle becomes until you figure it out! Use strategy, creativity, and timing.

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This is the brain quiz, game, girls, logic, kid, casual, html5, boys, hypercasual, brain, family. Try your best to guess the answer by pressing the right buttons and solving the question provided in the correct order. 

Controls :

Using Mouse