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Fly Or Die IO

Play fly or die io on browser is a multiplayer survival game previously known as

You start as a small fly and level up as you eat more food. As you evolve, other players become part of your diet too. Each level comes with a new special ability and more things to eat.

The choice is simple, you Fly or Die! How to Play Eat items and animals outlined in green. Avoid animals with a red outline, they will eat you! You’ll be fighting for survival against hundreds of other players, so make sure you keep moving and keep eating. Keep an eye on your water level too, you’ll need plenty of water to survive.

Special Abilities Moving through the game, each animal will have its own unique special ability. You can use that special ability to get through the game quicker. When you start out as a fly, you’ll have “beginner’s luck”. This gives you a 50% chance to avoid a predator's attack. Use the special abilities to your advantage. Game Levels In EvoWorld, there are 45 different animals and 8 stages of evolution. You start as a simple fly, and fight your way through the animal kingdom.

Once you’ve played through the normal animals, there are demons, mythical beasts, cosmic entities, and the undead. The grim reaper is right at the top of the food chain, and uses a scythe to take down prey. Biomes There are multiple biomes in Each one has a completely different landscape. You’ll find different prey in each location, so don’t be afraid to explore the map and see what’s out there.

Play more Drift Boss

Controls :


Don’t stay in one place for too long

Use the special abilities to your advantage

Hide in the clouds to avoid being eaten

Drink plenty of water

Eat as much prey as you can!


Evolve through 45 different animal types

Fly into space or go deep underground

Multiple biomes to play multiplayer game

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