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Fun Brain Test

Are you ready for some fun brain testing? Do you love games and puzzles? If so, this game-themed brain training app is for you! This fun quiz game is the perfect way to give your brain a mental health boost. It helps you focus on specific functions in order to pass a given test or clear a puzzle without guessing or getting stumped. If you're looking for some quick and easy ways to test your brainpower, this game is for you. From memory to logical thinking, there are many ways to improve your mental clarity with this fun app. 

Have you ever played a game for so long that after a while all you can think about is playing more games? If so, this game test might be for you. The game comes with five different difficulty levels to test your brain power in different ways. You start off easy and work your way up through the levels. Once you get started, there's nothing else to do but play. The longer you play the harder it gets!

Controls :

Using Mouse