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Help Me: Time Travel Adventure

Help Me is a time travel adventure game about making the right choices and solving puzzles. You are an ordinary person who lives in the present. But one day, by accident you travel back in time and meet somebody from your past. Will you be able to change that past? Or will you remain stuck in the same old boring and scary future? Use your logical thinking skills to solve challenging logic puzzles, find hidden objects and clues, and make the right choices. Can you figure out how to change your fate? Try playing on your Smartphone or Tablet or play our free mobile game Help Me Time Travel Adventure, game, choice, brain, clue, travel, quizzes, hidden objects, hint, logic,...

You are a time traveler. You have to help Max, a famous archaeologist, in his travels through time and help him save the people you like the most in this time travel adventure game. This is a hidden object game with various challenges that you need to solve while playing this game. There are several levels of difficulty which makes it even more fun. Use all your brain power and use your intuition at the same time as there might be some hidden objects in between! 

Controls :

Using Mouse